A blog (web log) is a series of short articles that appears on a website. A blog is a powerful small business marketing tool. Adding a blog to your site will increase your rank on Google.

roosterBlogging is like unlimited advertising. It lifts some constraints of typical marketing and lets you sell directly to smaller groups. For example, a weight loss clinic can target acupuncture patients by adding some blog articles about acupuncture. Blogging adds quality content to your website, so your site will naturally get better results in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Blogging is like unlimited advertising.

A blog can be used to optimize your website for keyword relevancy, and develop new keywords. If you are the first to use a keyword you can take ownership of it in the search engines and get a bonus, so look for underutilized topics. Developing a blog leads to a positive Web reputation and better rank. Blogs should be updated with short articles (three to five paragraphs) at least once a month.

Professional Blogging Service

Foothill Web provides professional blogging services. I’ll work with you to get your precise message out, and help develop keyword strategies that drive quality traffic from the search engines.

Foothill Web currently maintains blogs for a number of Bay Area businesses. I’ve had success getting clients on page #1 of Google for relevant keywords, and for discovering new keywords. Please see my blog for writing samples! Call (650) 965-5722 for a free consultation.