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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Foothill Web Design has provided affordable Web design services since 2008. Foothill Web now offers many new services including SEO, Web marketing, e-commerce, content development and blogging.

What is WordPress?

wordpress logoFoothill Web uses a content management system called WordPress to develop websites. While most websites are flat text files with a few graphics added, a WordPress site is a program that runs on your server.

WordPress has a built-in text editor and can publish files directly to the Web. WordPress sites are modular, so adding applications like a blog, newsletter or shopping cart is easy. Foothill Web uses the latest world-class commercial themes for WordPress, to give your website a high-class visual appeal.

Compare Standard Website To Foothill Web

Standard Website vs. Foothill Web (using Joomla)
  Standard Foothill Web
Basic Description Flat files, some scripts Runs scripts and applications
Front-end Admin Access No Yes
Built-in Database No Yes
Other Tools No Lots
Plug & Play Applications No Yes

What’s Included With the Website?

All Foothill Web sites come with a built in WYSIWYG text editor, media manager, banner manager, user manager, weblinks and other applications. Make simple changes to your website using the front-end text editor.

Make simple changes to your site easily with the built-in text editor
Make simple changes to your site easily with the built-in text editor


Here is a partial list of applications that can be added to your site at no extra cost:

  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Search box
  • Contact Form
  • Slideshow
  • Rotating banner
  • Facebook feed
  • Twitter feed
  • Language translator
  • RSS (news) feed
  • YouTube Videos
  • Shopping cart

If you need more advanced features, like event registration/booking, online classes, surveys or a community-based website, many commercial applications are available at a low cost.

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